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Decipher's Dashboard

ParabolicVentures * Product Designer * November 2021



Decipher exists to consolidate data from across the internet, generating market insights from chaotic data. It does research for retail investors (people who trade on the market as a hobby),intuitively presenting data through graphs and charts on the dashboard. It’s a real time and headache saver.



As the sole designer for this client, I led the redesign of the dashboard experience. Over the course of 1 month, I worked alongside the client as well as a developer. Notably, the engineering and product teams had already previously scoped out the project in terms of its functionality and general user flow. Being a small and fast-paced startup, the objective was to finish the dashboard within 1 month. This meant that the majority of my time was spent ideating, prototyping, and finalizing. The graphic below pictures the steps we embarked upon.




The first step was to understand Decipher’s subscribers. I accessed data that ParabolicVentures had already gathered about their consumer base, and used that information to inform my design decisions. After diving into the research provided, I created a user persona, which served as a guidepost of who I was designing for. It helped ensure that my design would address their needs, goals, and wants.


Competitive Analysis

Decipher’s biggest competition is a product called SwiftSearch which currently consolidates data similarly to Decipher. Other competitors include Robinhood, Yahoo Finance, and Trading View, which provide reliable, efficient, concise and organized services.


Decipher has the opportunity to provide a more simplified experience for their subscribers than their competitors. While competitors provide a wide variety of current information and statistics, alongside ads and other redirect options, Decipher is able to provide valuable and relevant information in a clear and concise way, without distraction. When combined with modern and clear UI, an opportunity exists to enhance the user’s experience and increase subscriber retention.


Problem Statement

By improving the dashboard experience, making it easier for subscribers to intake relevant information quickly and efficiently, while updating the look and feel, we will have enhanced the dashboard experience.



The next step was to ideate. After formulating many different layouts, one stood out as being the most intuitive and easy to digest, which is important to our user persona.



After communicating with developers and the CEO, the design was ready to be turned into a high-fidelity prototype.

Based on our user and competitive research, we knew we wanted the app to have a tone that was


Another important challenge was to align Decipher’s look and feel with ParabolicVenture’s other digital products and online presence.

Final Design

After input and approval from client, the next step was developer hand-off. The dashboard was brought to life by the developer, and Decipher launched successfully on its anticipated roll out date.

Frame 6.png

Key Features

All elements can be viewed on one screen with no scrolling needed which allows for easy scanning

Consistent color palette utilizing muted accent colors helps guide the eye without being overpowering

Use of bright purple to divide and highlight each section

Graphs and charts appropriately and clearly displaying different types of data with clear titles, which makes for easy scanning for our persona on the go

Modern look and feel, in alignment with brand guidelines

Thanks for Scrolling!

Wow! Can you believe you made it to the end of this case study? If it’s more design you’re looking for, check out the links below for more UX or UI specifically.



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